Many of the resources that the New York City Church Planting Center is looking to provide revolves around helping our church planters interact and interface with people.

There is a great deal of vision casting, projecting, and dreaming when it comes to church planting. So much of this revolves around the fact that these church plants are starting with no one, or very few, and the imagining of what could be drives the church planter to work hard at building a base and core to lay a healthy foundation for a church to gather.

Yet, it is important to remember that even as these foundations are being established, there are people to meet, contact, and love.
For those reasons, it is important to have someone to answer a phone call when they are trying to reach a a church or church planter.
This is often very easy to overlook.

  1.   Most people inquire about a church digitally. They may check out a website online, check out Facebook, or send an email to gain more information.

  2.   When someone does call, the call very often goes to a voicemail or answering machine. Sometimes people leave a message, sometimes they don’t.

The church planter cannot be available to answer phone call or inquiry that may come in about the church plant. The church planter does have other responsibilities, is meeting with partners, or other people in the community.

The New York City Church Planting Center has a phone number that church planters can use to have their church phone number answered by a live person in English or in Spanish.

The church planter will be given whatever message is left for them, or in some cases the person answering the phone will be able to answer questions on behalf of the church planters as it pertains to service times and the location of where the church is meeting.