Communication between church planters and people within the community where a church is trying to be planted is of the highest priority.

It has already been established that the communication that takes place on the church website, Facebook, email, or phone call is absolutely essential for the growth and progress of a church plant.
As the church plant begins to grow, keeping up with the contact information can become more and more complicated and time consuming.

The New York City Church Planting Center will be providing Database Management Assistance. There will be a person from the New York City Church Planting Center Team who will update new contacts from each church plant, each week.

This information will be provided by the church planter and someone from the Church Planting Center will enter this information into a web-based database that the church planter will have instant access to at all times.

The provision of this service underscores the understanding that the contacts that are made by our church planters are very real people and not just numbers or statistics.

Our hope is that by providing this service for our church planters, this will allow them to consistently keep up with people that they are meeting, build those relationships, and ultimately to see these individuals place their faith and trust in Jesus.