One of the major aspects and concerns for church planters pertains financial accountability and financial management. There are numerous factors that contribute to the complexities of managing the various aspects of money.

Whether that involves payroll, taxes, contribution statements, or the categorization of expenditures, there are various ways that the issue of money can become burdensome and even a liability.

The New York City Church Planting Center will provide church planters with accuracy in the management of funds and accountability, as well as instill confidence for partners to give to church planters financially.

Each church planter will receive:

  • A monthly financial statement that details the categorization of each expense for that month.  This information will clearly reveal the expenditures, as well as where money may or may not be needed.

  • Additionally, each church planter will have a professional payroll service that insures that each church planter is paid accurately. This contributes both to the accountability involved with regard to the funds that a church planters receives, as well as to the reliability that the proper amount of money is being taken out of each for the purposes of FICA, social security, or self-employment tax.

  • Finally, each church planter will have all payroll taxes filed with both the state government and federal government. This will insure that there are no issues regarding a lack of payment or late payment regarding monies that are owed to the government.

By providing these services, our church planters will have complete financial accountability and a report detailing their financial responsibility. These services also provide confidence for all partners involved in giving financially to these church plants. Churches, missions sending agencies, and individuals can all give knowing that there are no discrepancies in any of the funds being given to a church plant or church planter.