One of the underestimated aspects of church planting in New York City involves the legal issues that many churches and church planters face.

One of the ongoing legal issues that is particularly prevalent among churches in New York City has to do with New York State requiring workman’s compensation insurance. There are numerous church planters across New York City who have received fines, some as high as $35,000, for not having the proper insurance required for workman’s compensation. While nearly each of the fines levied were worked out, it was not before a great deal of time and energy were spent on this issue.

Other examples of the legal advice that will be provided for church planters include:

  • The establishment of a viable church constitution. • The establishment of viable by-laws.

  • Church personnel policies.

  • Third party use of church property.

  • Response to the redefinition of traditional Christian marriage.

Nearly all church planters in New York City will deal with most of these issues on some sort of level. This is most definitely a situation where is not a matter of “if” the church planter will face these questions.

It is of utmost importance that each of these legal issues are dealt with in the proper way and taken very seriously. There are numerous other factors that make church planting difficult in New York City. It is imperative that legal matters are in no way hindering the establishment of these church plants.