One of the most practical tools that can be provided for church planters in the New York City area is the use of Adwords.

This is a paid advertisement that appears when someone is searching for something on Google, Facebook, or some other website.

This is a very valuable tool that each church plant should utilize. One of the primary ways that New Yorkers determine whether or going to attend a particular church is by looking at the website of that church.
In a very real way, the first impression that is made about a particular church or church plant happens before someone every steps into the door of the church.

Yet, in order for people who are searching for a church to find out about a particular church, there is the need to help make certain that the church appears at the top of the search page, or at the very least on the first page.

This is where Adwords becomes very valuable. There are strategic, prominent words that can purchased that help describe a particular church or aspect of a church. This can be a word that exemplifies the mission of the church, the location of the church, or even the times that the church gathers.

This is an incredibly valuable resource and investment that the NYC Church Planting Center would like to make available for all church plants in the New York City Area.