Website Creation and Maintenance

The website of a church is most likely the first impression that most people will have about a church or church plant. It is truly a way for people to explore aspects of a church plant, priorities of a church plant, the beliefs of a church plant, and gain impressions about a church planter or pastor, before ever setting foot in a church building.

There is no denying that the website of a church plant is of absolute importance and an absolute necessity for communicating about a church to people in the New York City area.

That said, there are two potential liabilities associated with church websites.

1. Church Websites can become quite time consuming.
While the websites are essential, it is important that church planters are spending more time with people than behind the computer.

2. Church Websites need to consistently be updated.
As important as it is to have a nice, functioning website, it is detrimental to have a website with expired, inaccurate information.

Many of the church planters in the New York City area are quite proficient in web design and maintaining current information on their website.

However, the NYC Church Planting Center would like to make available website design and maintenance to church planters who need help in this area, or simply do not have the time to keep their church plant website up to date.